Cixi Jianhui Electrical Technology Co., Ltd


Since establishment in 2007, the Cixi Jianhui Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the principle of high starting point and high investment for enterprise development. 

The company devoted to producing electric fans, cooling fans and room heaters, and has carried out strategic ODM and OEM cooperation with TCL, Meiling, Aucma, Siji Muge and other well-known enterprises.     

The company is a two-season-product professional manufacturer for 15 years integrating independent research, development and sales involving in more than 200 kinds of products. 

The company has applied for a number of practical patents and appearance patents for the self-developed products. With stable quality, the products have been sold at home and abroad, with an annual production capacity of more than 3 million units. 

Since establishment, the company has been operating in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system. Our products have passed the certification of CE, GS, rohs2.0, CCC, CB, EMC, PAHs and other countries. 

Our products and services have won the trust and alliance of customers at home and abroad with high standard quality, efficient delivery, high quality service and affordable price.

At present, the company has more than 400 employees, more than 40% of them have college or technical secondary school education and various professional skills, with an average age of 27. It is a young enterprise with professional quality, vigorous, positive and energetic.

Strategic Customers



It is the basic guiding ideology for the good development of an enterprise. Through communication, coordination and cooperation, we can create a fair and just good enterprise environment and form a situation in which the top and bottom work together in step.


We must be accurate and efficient in our work. When we complete our tasks, we must have the heroic feelings of "not to the Great Wall is not a hero". We must also have the heroic spirit of "not to bow down, not to admit defeat, wipe away tears, and stick to it". We should encourage moderately ahead of time in formulating realistic phased goals and oppose extravagance.


People have "human nature". Enterprises are made up of people and naturally have human nature. What is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what is "people-oriented" and "humanized management" on earth? 


People oriented is to maximize the protection of the interests of every employee under certain conditions. The premise is that there is such a "certain condition", which is not innate. It is created by every employee of the enterprise.